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Pure, simple and high- quality charcoal which is made up
from only natural hardwood from the tropical land across Africa.

We offer pure, simple and high- quality charcoal which is made up from only natural hardwood.


It is sourced from the western and the northern tropical of Nigeria.


Some of its characteristics: it lights quickly, burns hotter, creates less ash, gives purer wood fire flavor to food, and also can be reused if not completely burned.

BBQ Charcoal
Smokeless/ odorless/ white ash
Burning time 3-4 hours

Restaurant Charcoal
Smokeless/ Odorless/ white ash/ no sparks/ long Burning time
Burning time 4-5 hours

Ayin Charcoal
Smokeless/ odorless/ white ash/ no sparks/long burning time
Burning time 5-6 hours

Charcoal is highly demanded product among hotels, restaurants, catering industries and also used in medicine and cosmetics industry and more.


We export 4 kinds of Charcoal – Barbeque hardwood charcoal, Restaurant hardwood charcoal and Ayin charcoal

Eco Briquettes 
Ignition: 20-25min
Burn Time: 3hrs
Smoke: Minor (mostly invisible) for first 5min

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