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Hibiscus Flower

Hardwood Charcoal

Sesame seeds

Soy Beans

Cashew nuts

Gum Arabic


TOSK Global Ventures is a full-service agriculture commodity trading company handling large fresh or dried agro seeds, charcoal, and many other foods or roots ingredients from origination and marketing to financing and logistics.

TOSK Global Ventures. Trade many kinds of agro commodities throughout the world. We are developing a large network of buyers and sellers to provide the best value for our customers.

Our mission is to be a leading global supplier of quality Agro and other products in our chosen market, using appropriate innovation technology and empowering our farmer's community.

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BASE Enterprise Centre,

Michael Galvin Building,

Damastown Road, Mulhuddart, D15 EPP4

Dublin Ireland 


Tel: +353(0)15 654 240

Fax: +353(0)15 644 640

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm​​

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