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Sesame Seeds - Uses & Market

Sesame is likely one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world grown for edible oil. Many wild relatives are found in sub-Saharan Africa, with somewhat fewer also found in India. Sesame seeds are supplied by countries in Africa and Nigeria is one of the main supplier, Latin America and Asia.

Global Sesame Seeds Market to grow at a CAGR of 2.14 % during the period 2019-2023.

The global sesame seeds market size is expected to reach USD 17.77 billion by 2025. (source)

The consumption of sesame seeds increasing and became higher than a few years ago due to the fact the health awareness especially in European countries.

Sesame seeds have many potential health benefits and have been used in folk medicine for thousands of years. They may protect against heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.

Despite the fact, sesame is food that it's products can be extremely useful for many other industries. (source)

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Food industries 🍚

Food companies have been using sesame seeds in large scale as a functional ingredient in several foods. In addition to that, food products such as sauces and pickles use sesame oil as a preservative to increase their shelf life. Major oil extraction companies are reliant on small and large-scale sesame farmers for seed collection and extraction of the oil. (source)

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Applications 💊

Recently the robust pharmaceutical industry growth and furthermore, rising application of the product as an antioxidant in various pharmaceutical formulations is expected to drive the market.

Sesame seeds are also used as a key constituent during the formulation of cosmetic creams due to their anti-bacterial and skin-nourishing properties. The product is used as a key ingredient in massage oils.

Sesame seed oil is extensively used in pharmaceuticals and personal care products, such as soaps and hair oils. Widespread usage of the oil for treatment of scalp dandruff and fungal infections owing to its exceptional medicinal properties is also expected to boost the market in future. In addition, food products such as sauces and pickles use of sesame oil as a preservative to increase their shelf life. Major oil extraction companies are reliant on small- and large-scale sesame farmers for seed collection and extraction of the oil. (source)

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Sesame Seeds - Uses

There are different types and qualities of sesame seeds. White seeds are a white-to-golden colour and receive a higher market price than mixed seeds, which range from yellow to dark brown. White seeds are used primarily in natural or hulled form because of their aesthetic value, whereas mixed seeds are generally crushed into oil. This product contains 50-55% oil and 25% protein. The oil contains approximately 47% oleic acid and 39% linoleic acid. Sesame seeds are used in baking, to top bread, buns, and bagels, in crackers and in cakes. The ground seeds are used in East African cuisine in soups, fish dishes. They are also used in sweets, including a dish like a peanut brittle. Ground seeds are also used as a condiment in some Asian and Indian dishes. (source)

Sesame Oil - Uses

Commercially, sesame oil comes in two types. One type of sesame oil is a pale yellow liquid and has a pleasant grain-like odour and somewhat nutty taste. This oil is high in polyunsaturated fats, ranking fourth behind safflower, soybean and corn oil. It is excellent for use as a frying oil, in cosmetics and in food preparations. The other type of oil is amber-coloured and aromatic, made from pressed and toasted sesame seeds. Oil is extracted from sesame seeds by mechanical pressing. The seed may be cold-pressed to give an aromatic salad oil or hot pressed to give a lower grade product. The oil yield is from 50% to 57%, depending on growing conditions and seed variety. Sesame oil is used in salad and cooking oils, margarine products. It is a key flavour ingredient in some Chinese dishes. Sesame oil keeps well and resists rancidity, due to the presence of an antioxidant. (source)

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