Support for our communities

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

From our local farmers to our suppliers and buyers, we are always looking for the needs that we can meet. In the midst of doing, we still stretch our hands to support the farmers.

​Our founder belongs to a generation of farmers that work in the coined, “fertile continent”, as a result, TOSK is devoted to the development of these small enterprises by generating jobs and financial support. We believe in fairness and quality of work, and building new opportunities for them as well as for your business.

In this way, we also ensure the long-term sustainability of our work.

What We Offer

At TOSK Global we are committed to your success, and we believe you can do so by partnering with us! In doing so, you will be partnering with a company which cares about the impact we have on the communities we work with. It is our goal to give back to our people, clients, suppliers and farmers. At TOSK, we are committed to creating and sustaining relationships along our entire supply chain.

​We bring food producers, marketers, manufacturers, and investors together to facilitate profitable and sustainable trading of agricultural food products. Our total commitment to quality innovation and product interfaith has resulted in trust and loyalty from our diverse clients worldwide and has made our name synonymous with quality.

​We provide both trading and supply chain management expertise, offering our clients and partners new exciting ways to invest in commodity prices when they are at their most beneficial.

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