Hardwood Charcoal

Pure, simple and high- quality charcoal which is made up of only natural hardwood from the tropical land across Africa.

We offer pure, simple and high- quality charcoal which is made up of only natural hardwood.

It is sourced from the western and the northern regions of Nigeria.

Some of its characteristics: it lights quickly, burns hotter, creates less ash, gives purer wood fire smoky flavour to food, and also can be reused if not completely burned.


Charcoal is highly demanded product among hotels, restaurants, catering industries and also used in medicine and cosmetics industry and more.

We export 4 kinds of Charcoal – Barbeque hardwood charcoal, Restaurant hardwood charcoal, Ayin charcoal and Eco Briquettes.


BBQ Charcoal

Smokeless / odorless / white ash
Burning time 3-4 hours

Restaurant Charcoal

Smokeless / Odorless / White ash/ No sparks/ Long Burning time
Burning time 4-5 hours

Ayin Charcoal

Smokeless / Odorless/ White ash/ No sparks / Long burning time
Burning time 5-6 hours

Eco Briquettes

Ignition: 20-25min
Burn Time: 3hrs
Smoke: Minor (mostly invisible) for first 5min

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