PEANUTS – From Peanut Butter To Biodiesel: Multiple Uses Of Groundnuts

PEANUTS – From Peanut Butter To Biodiesel: Multiple Uses Of Groundnuts

Peanuts are native to the South American continent but now grown in many other places with tropical and sub-tropical climates such as Africa. This legume seeds grow underneath the soil and vary from colours from pale brown to an intense reddish-brown tone and have different shapers and processing depending on the variety. Each variety depends on the region in which it is cultivated and produced. Get a quote for our peanuts here.

The demand for peanuts worldwide has been growing constantly over years. This growth is driven by changes in the consumption patterns consumers, including rising demand for healthier snacking options. Peanuts have been linked to some health benefits, including reducing certain risk factors for heart disease and lowering blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Europe is now one of the biggest markets for peanuts and the largest importing region accounting for around one-third of the total world trade. The African continent has grown into being one of the main suppliers for Europe and the world, and Nigeria specifically has been improving on groundnut growth and increasing exports due to the quality of Nigerian agro-products.

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Peanuts versatility

Peanuts presented in different forms: red-skinned, in shell, and peanut butter.Peanuts presented in different forms: red-skinned, in shell, and peanut butter.

The increasing demand for healthy foods and the popularity of plant-based diets are the factors leading to the growth of the consumption of groundnuts-peanuts in Europe and in the world. In addition, sustainable production is also favourable for peanuts-producing countries, as peanuts enrich the soil with nitrogen.

1. Snacks 🍿

Roasted Peanuts are one of the most popular and favourite snack in households around the world. Such peanuts can be used in nut mixes, and have different flavours. They are also used to create candies and other confections such as ice-creams, chocolates and cookies.

2. Peanut Butter 🥜

Peanut butter is one of the most demanded and traded peanut products. Is a vital ingredient in healthy diets, due to their association with health benefits: they are high in protein, contain healthy oils that can lower the risk of heart disease, and have a low glycemic index which can help decrease the risk for Type 2 diabetes (The Peanut Institute, 2016).

3. Peanut Oil 🧴

Fifty per cent of the world’s peanut production is crushed into groundnut oil. Peanut oil is used for cooking or as an ingredient in various food products most common in Chinese, Asian cultures.

4. Peanut Flour 🍞

Peanut flour is a gluten-free source of protein. The flour can be used to thicken soups, fortify bread and pastries, coat meats and fish (The Peanut Institute, 2016). and provide foundations for instant shake-style beverages with excellent consumer acceptance according to a new study. (source)

5. Peanuts sauces 🍲

You might not know that some of the original recipes of your favourite sauces contain peanuts; such is the case for Mayonnaise, Worcestershire Sauce, Chop Suey Sauce, Chili Sauce, Flavoring paste, among others. Large quantities of peanut sauce are consumed in Asian cuisine.

6. Peanut milk and peanut milk-based beverages. 🥛

Same as any other nut-based milk, Peanut Milk works as a dairy replacement. Used for the production of Peanut Koumiss Beverage, Normal Peanut Beverage, Beverage for Ice Cream, Peanut Beverage Flakes, Evaporated Peanut Beverage and more.

7. Peanut powder 💪

Peanuts are a rich source of vegan protein, that can be used in producing peanut butter powder. It is used for healthy dry shake mixtures and other dietary food supplements. It has a significantly lower amount of fat and fewer calories.

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Industrial and Energy use

Animal feed

Peanut shell is one of the best feeds making raw material sources in modern stock husbandry, Peanut meal, apart from a tasty ingredient that can enhance feed intake in animals suffering from low appetites, contains up to 50% crude protein.

Household products 💦

Peanuts can also be used for the manufacturing of laundry soap, sweeping compounds.

10. Medicine ⚕️

Peanut oil is used extensively for the manufacturing of medicinal products such as Rubbing Oil, Iron Tonic, Tannic Acid, Medicine similar to Castor Oil, Emulsion for Bronchitis, Castor Substitute, Goiter Treatment, Oils, Quinine, and Laxatives among others.

11. Cosmetics 💄

Peanuts are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, therefore, they are a great natural ingredient for face and hand lotions/creams, face bleach, shampoos, oil for hair and scalps, shaving creams and more.

12. Fuel and Biodiesel 🔥

Peanut Shells are also transformed into pellet fuels for house fireplaces and industrial biomass stoves. In addition, tests are being done to develop non-edible peanuts that are high in oil and could be grown specifically for biodiesel production. (source)

The largest quantities of groundnuts in international trade are packed into bulk packaging and exported as raw kernels. Processing operations, such as blanching, roasting or frying usually happen in Europe, but some exporters can also perform processing according to the request of European buyers. (source)

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